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Ape Academy 2 received mixed reviews. The prize for winning the contest is the rare "Platinum Specter" trading card and a year's supply of bananas. This mode requires a second PSP and game cartridge. The winner then gets a chance to pass their card's effect onto the loser.

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Game Master UK described it as "A real mixed bag, but if you really like monkeys and minigames, you might enjoy it. This mode requires a second PSP and game cartridge. Each card costs a certain value to play in bananas ps once you have selected what you want to play, your opponent will choose a card as well.

Ape Academy 2 is fun, a perfect pick-up-and-play game for PSP, which lets you enjoy quick minute card games or in-depth hour long sessions. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

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Based on the tried and tested game of Paper, Scissors, StoneApe Academy blends this ancient playground stalwart with the phenomenon of Trading Card Games, such as Pokemon and Magic the Gatheringand adds a whole new twist through oodles of mini-games. Ape Academy 2 also known as Piposaru Academia 2: Archived from the original on From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

See it in action Videos and images. The whole gang is represented, from monkey mobsters and ps; of old to simian horror flick villains and silver screen icons.

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When playing a hand you get to see what type of cards, but not the specific characters, your opponent has. The object of the game is collect cards and coins, eventually to the point that the player can attempt to defeat the antagonist and win. The player travels to various levels, in the form of islands, to compete against other monkeys in an assortment of minigames. Stone for example - are ignored, but the effects of the cards used then add to later winning hands.

The winner psl gets a chance to pass their card's effect onto the loser. The primary antagonist, Specter, introduces a new card game which becomes very popular among humans and pipo monkeys alike. The singleplayer mode is radically different from previous games in the series, most resembling a trading card game.

Each character has an associated mini-game and you have to win this to pass the card's effect on to your opponent or prevent them from doing it to you if you lost the hand. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ad Hoc Mode on PSP takes the fun even further, letting you battle it out against a friend in a battle royale, either playing with a pre-built deck or one of your own construction.

This lets you make a deck that suits your style of play, packed full of the mini-games you enjoy. Archived copy as title link.

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This may sound confusing but it is really easy in practice. Although Ape Academy 2 is a game designed for younger players, its wholesome nature and kitsch feel make it a fun distraction for all ages. The Monkeys went in two by two, hurrah, hurrah!

And of course there's a whole lot of monkeys! Over mini-games packed with ape Action! Kitsch in the extreme, it is worth checking out for all ages.

Similar to its predecessor, Ape Academy 2 is a collection of mini-games which can either be played in single player or multiplayer mode.

Monkey Pirateswhere you have to aim your cannon to sink pps opponents ship, Lemur Lumberjacka race to saw through a tree so it falls on your opponents head, or Monkey Dungeona crawl through an invisible maze to reach bananas, all add fun, quick-play elements to the more tactical card game and with different mini-games it doesn't get repetitive. It currently holds a 66 out of a possible on Metacritic. The prize for winning acwdemy contest is the rare "Platinum Specter" trading card and a year's supply of bananas.

Ape Academy 2 received mixed reviews.

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