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After its completion Baba Deep Singh Ji continued, for several years, to hand write four additional copies of the holy scriptures. They fought together in the battle at Sirhind—the city in which Guru Gobind Singh Ji's younger sons had been killed. After refusing to convert to Islam they were cruelly murdered at the orders of Wazir Khan. In addition thousands of beautiful unmarried girls and married women, from both Hindu and Muslim communities, were being forcibly taken against their wishes, to serve as maidens and slaves of Abdali, and to be auctioned in open market.

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He readily accepted his Guru's request and began serving the Sikh community of the city. Guru Ji also told him that his two younger sons, Zorawar Singh and Fateh Singh and with grandmother were betrayed by a former family servant and arrested. He was named Deepa light.

Baba Deep Singh

He and Banda Singh Bahadur Ji are recognised as the most honoured martyrs of the Panth who together, set an unique and amazing example for the community to follow for many generations.

Here, he learned that the two older sons of the Guru, Ajit Singh and Jujhar Singh, had lost their lives in the battle of Chamkaur. The Rajput and Maratha Khatris had failed to mount any attempt to rescue the prisoners.

By the time they reached the village of Tarn Taranabout ten miles from Amritsartheir numbers had risen to about five thousand. After receiving the vows of the Khalsahe stayed on in Anandpur to continue his studies wallpapets the sacred texts under Bhai Mani Singh.

ALL GOD WALLPAPERS: Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Ji

When he and his brave companions heard the wailings of the helpless children and women, they stormed out of the surrounding jungles forests and pounced upon Abdali's caravan, like lightening bolts from an angry sky. At this point, there was a clash between the opposing forces. They stayed in the Guru's city for several days, doing Sewa service with the Sikh community.

The Sikh Army continued to fight the fleeing Mughals until victory was achieved. As they fought, both men swung their weapons with great force, leaving both of their heads separated from their bodies. Each Sikh fought with such great valor and courage that the enemy was almost defeated. Baba Ji singhh continued to write gutkas books of hymns distributing them to the Sikh community.

Baba Deep Singh Gallery

They fought together in the battle at Sirhind—the city in which Guru Gobind Singh Ji's younger sons had been killed. When his parents were ready to return to their village, the Guru asked the 12 year old Deepa to stay with him at Anandpur.

He soon became one of the Guru's most beloved Sikhs staying in Anandpur for a total of about walppapers years. Baba Deep Singh ji is remembered by all Sikhs as a brave and courageous martyr with an unflinching dedication to the Sikh principles.

Having pre-known the fate of younger Sahibzadas, their grandmother Mata Gujar Kaur left for heavenly abode in thanda burj in which she and the two princes were held at Sirhind. The freed boys, girls and married women both Muslim and Hindu, were escorted safely to their homes by the Sikh soldiers.

He was always ready to serve those in need and to fight for justice. Baba Ji was born on January 26, some records register this as Simgh 20 and died fighting at Amritsar on November 13, when he was about 75 years old.

Baba Deep Singh Ji's actions encouraged the Sikhs to continue to fight against the tyrannical and oppressive Mughal Empire for many years. A bold and fearless saint-soldierhe was always ready to risk his life for the Panth. Baba Deep Singh's Jatha army was assigned duty near the river Markanda. While some of them attacked Abdali's soldiers, others captured and drove away many bullock carts laden with the children, women and looted valuables taking them jo the safety of their nearby jungle hideouts.

The cries for help of these unfortunate women fell on deaf ears and nobody dared to rescue them till the caravan arrived near Kurukshetra. He was born in A.

These four copies were dispersed, a copy each to: During the battle, Wazir Khan was killed closing the chapter of tyranny of this Mughal leader. It was sent to the Middle East. He was married that same year.

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