Evidence that demands a verdict

Certainly, there is no other book like it, but this fact, as we will see, becomes more of an embarrassment to the Bible than proof of its divine origin. The ministry began in in the republics of the former Soviet Union. After reading this, I wondered why a leading apologetic book had to use fallacious arguments as supposed evidence for faith.

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Aug 03, Bro rated it really liked it. Working with Campus Crusade for Christ and founding the youth outreach, Josh McDowell Ministry, Josh has shared the gospel with more than 25 million people in countries. Without that presupposition, the entire book falls apart. However, the problem, as one person suggested, is th Not the most objective book 18 Demanvs I have noticed that this book receives some bad responses, but then that is not surprising when you have a book that is purporting to outline all of the evidence supporting evidecne authenticity of Christianity.

Retrieved September 19, Skepticism about Religion — Part 1.

Evidence That Demands a Verdict

I recommend it for anyone who has questions about their faith, and anyone prejudiced against it. Look, there is a lot of evidence for Christianity, and the fact that it is one of the dominant religions of our time, which has doctrine that is almost unchanged from when the apostles first wrote their creed, is evidence enough, and I also have no argument against using or studying apologetics to defend evidebce faith, however, as the Bible says, the key word here is to defend and promote our faith, not to destroy, ridicule or undermine other people's faith.

As an atheist, it is both hilarious and frustrating. Sean McDowell Biography Dr.

A good 'resource' to keep on your shelf. McDowell's approach to apologetics falls under what Protestant theologians classify as "classical" and "evidential. Apr 17, Pete Bartel rated it really liked it. Skepticism about Religion — Part 2: In many ways I do not necessarily say people are wrong, but rather they have an understanding that is leading them in the right direction. The list of prophecies that follow are so vague and typical that pretty much anything could be used to fill them in.

Josh continues to travel throughout the United States and countries around the world, helping young people and adults bolster their faith and scriptural beliefs.

I am not one to say that the Bible and science clash, and McDowell doesn't think so either. The verdict is in.

Evidence That Demands a Verdict

One clear example cited was Deut. It definitely didn't present any actual evidence or strengthen my faith. Jan 18, David Sarkies rated it it was demanxs Recommends it for: Josh McDowell married Dottie Youd, with whom he has four children and ten grandchildren; they live in California.

McDowell tends to present positive arguments to commend belief in Ferdict Christ by emphasizing historical and legal proofs to establish the authenticity of the biblical texts and the divinity of Christ.

Deamnds and Stewart have also popularized the arguments of other apologists in the Christian countercult movementparticularly the work of Walter Martinin the Handbook of Today's Religions. In More Than A Carpenter he blended historical argument with legal arguments concerning the direct witness and circumstantial evidences for Jesus' life and resurrection.

A Biblical Defense of His Deity. Evidence that Demands a Verdict is the sort of book that defies concise summary. In the prophecy it says that "Their little ones will be dashed to pieces, and their pregnant women will be ripped open.

Jun 21, Verdcit rated it it was amazing.

Josh McDowell - Wikipedia

It def This is a book for people who already believe and are looking for additional arguments to feed their confirmation bias. Thibodeau on evidemce Real Atheology podcast. Archived from the original on November 3, This volume adds the credentials of the younger McDowell to the senior's extensive apologetic experience.

I first became aware of this monumental work when I was just beginning my apologetics journey. The McDowells have covered the major questions of Christian apologetics.

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