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Platforms Desktop Windows , Linux. DeskTidy comes in the form of a drop-down menu that you can place anywhere on your desktop and include files, folders, programs, etc. It's really great because this team thinks that it's a good idea to have different alternatives and we're helping them by creating patches to fix some bugs in their public API!! But it seems that the replacement of Windows Metro interface is a bit more complex than expected

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It is designed for power users to give easy access to every single application on your computer.

The dock the core and some plugins can now only in the development version be compiled without X11, so I guess the use of Cygwin can be avoided and the biggest work to do is the interaction with other windows specific cziro the environment and its windows manager. A simple dock for Windows which features extensive theming capabilities and blurry reflections.

Glx-Dock / Cairo-Dock

Then you can use it as a Platforms Desktop WindowsLinux. I think you've to download source code of Windows 8 and rebuild the iso with a script which is available on their github! How to help us PS: No source code found simply remove line 62 of widows main CMakeLists. It would be a nice begining.

Bug # “Taskbar -> Interaction -> 'Present windows preview” : Bugs : Cairo-Dock Core

MaxLauncher MaxLauncher is a simple tabbed launcher that was designed to reduce the amount of time to find and run a program. AstoundingDock is an application launcher and dock for Windows. Commercial Windows Program Launchers Add a feature.

I've seen Cairo-Dock on Ubuntu, and I love d it! No source code found. A simple application launcher. We Fabounet and I develop it for the pleasure and I'm not sure vairo it'll be so fun for us to develop it on Windows. Free Windows Program Launchers Add a feature. But I'm sure that this work will not be started by the current Cairo-Dock devs!

For Paypal, please have a look at the Paypal button which is on the top left of the home page! Of course we can help anybody who wants to port it to Windows, we are not averse to this port. It provides a nice clean interface to drop shortcuts on for easy access and organization.

This application is currently in wiindows, so please send all reports to the author. Active filters windows, clear and caoro all alternatives. But we are in touch with Metro devs! XLaunchpad XLaunchpad gives you instant access to all your shortcuts.

But it seems that the replacement of Windows Metro interface is a bit more complex than expected Username Password Stay connected. SliderDock SliderDock is an application launcher that will allow you to easily drag and drop icons to access them later on by double clicking on them. Launch your desktop like an iPad and get instant access to your apps, games, files, urls and more.

In order to add icons, drag First of all, sorry for necroing the topic, but this doc is really interesting, is it finished, or was the project dropped? I hope the first alpha version will be released soon but currently, if you want to test, you need to download source code of the today 1st April snapshot or newer of Metro on Microsoft website and recompile it with this flag: It is unlike your common dock or menu launcher.

Just try Ubuntu, it's simple, secure, fast and How to install it here.

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