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The backup feature also protects contacts, call logs, bookmarks, messages and applications installed to an SD card. You wouldn't click on an attachment in a dodgy email from a sender you don't recognise on your PC or laptop, and we hope you would apply that same thinking to suspicious links sent in Gmail on your phone or via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. But if you don't fancy wiping your device we have also issued some handy tips on how to remove an Android virus.

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Protection, Performance, Anti-Theft and Privacy.

On the Privacy menu, on the other hand, you can block calls and SMS and fablet other features to delete data from the device or the SD card. No thanks Submit review.

Do you need antivirus on Android? - Tech Advisor

But do you really need to install a resource- and battery-hogging antivirus app on your phone that is going avb plague you with irritating notifications? CONS Some andrpid features are barely visible. Prevent others from snooping on your private photos, messages, and documents by locking any of tanlet apps with a unique PIN code. Anti-Theft Phone Tracker Lost it? All these tools are available elsewhere - usually via free apps or manual administration - but for ease of use it can help to have everything in one place.

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool. The design of AntiVirus Security FREE for tablets is not particularly special, but it does look good, being both easy to read and easy to use. Help us by reporting it. But if you don't fancy wiping your device we have also issued some handy tips on how to remove an Android virus.

AVG Free Antivirus for Android | Tablet & Mobile Security App

You can also read more about how to block pop-up ads in Android. The app is easy to use and works well on tablets, with some bonus additional features including a task manager.

You should also keep your wits about you, and apply a healthy dose of common androie. By default Android does not allow you to install apps from other sources, so there's no chance of you accidentally installing something nefarious.

Android viruses are by no means as prevalent as media outlets may have you believe, and your device is much more at risk of theft than it is a virus. The vast majority of known Android viruses have been installed on the back of dubious apps - apps you tablt no longer find in the Google Play store.

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In these cases, taking other precautions can be a more appealing frde to safeguard your device from Android viruses. But it is true: Such precautions range from carefully checking any requested permissions before agreeing to them, avoiding cloned apps and keeping Android up to date with all security patches applied.

Do you need antivirus on Android?

Security Research Labs has published the results of an in-depth study in which it claims several big-name vendors are guilty of saying they've rolled out important patches when they haven't. But what if it comes back?

Do you recommend it? Android viruses have hit the headlines before, leading users to think installing some sort of security software is a good idea. It's awful to think that an app you install to protect yourself is actually going to do the opposite, but androjd of the ways in which Loapi works is by putting such a heavy workload on the phone that it causes the battery to overheat, destroying the device.

Over million downloads. It's worth pointing out that antivirus apps for Android often have other useful benefits, such as the ability to remotely lock or wipe a lost or stolen phone, or backup and cleanup tools. And if your tablet gets lost or stolen, it can be traced remotely and wiped to protect your privacy. Best of all, if you think your mobile is gone for good, you can remotely wipe it to prevent your private data from falling into ag wrong hands.

Download and installation help. False-positive results are common with such apps, however, so you may find your AV app reports an app as dodgy when it's actually harmless.

Vault Hide pictures, videos, contacts and SMS on your phone. Don't leave without your download!

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