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Capabilities To Empower You Discover more than types of artifacts, including over mobile applications, all major document formats, browsers, email clients, dozens of picture and video formats, instant messengers, social networks, system and registry files, P2P and file transfer tools, etc. The utility is relatively fast considering its size. Used by Law Enforcement, Government, Intelligence Agencies, Forensic laboratories, and Corporations worldwide, to fight online and offline crime.

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I am a Cyber Forensic Professional. Trusted by Thousands of Experts around the Globe. A little girl shown on some pictures could be freed The suspect was allegedly downloading and viewing illicit child All these advantages make Belkasoft a competitive company on global level.

So, the scope of the work was to recover deleted files and analyze them. Investigators can take evidwnce of Belkasoft Evidence Center Ultimate's capabilities to analyze info discovered in IM logs, browser history, mailboxes and social network remnants. We will talk a bit more about TRIM this time and then move on to some real-life cases. A wide array of features is available to you immediately after the installation.

What's new in version 7.2 of Belkasoft Evidence Center

The most important part of the experience for the students was the evidemce and automated processing of acquired digital evidence. And evidence center helps to easily finds the hidden artifacts. Even when we faced challenges in our investigations we experienced an extraordinary fast and competent support from Belkasoft that showed us that BEC is actively developed and we always felt backed up by the support.

In my course I teach photo forensics, and I had a tough time picking between RedLight and Belkasoft, so I present students with both tools. Even so, it is a reliable forensics tool and can perform sophisticated analysis of discovered data via a graphic timeline.

Belkasoft Evidence Centre must be one of your main investigation forensic computer tools. It is very easy and straightforward to use, all the hard programming work has already been completed in the software so you do not need to know a scripting language to use it extensively.

Running Belkasoft Evidence Center I found round about chat partners, of these chat partners transferred child pornography. Articles Read all articles.


Belkasoft Evidence Centre finds the most critical evidence quickly, to allow the examiner to get a quick overall picture of the investigation that needs to be undertaken, allowing the results to be used at preliminary investigation meetings to decide on the scope of the investigation.

The tight integration with FTK allows for specific searches for the most common and significant types of digital evidence without manual searching. I have done enough practical forensic investigations to know that u have to use Belkasoft Evidence Centre to validate one's findings if you are using any of the other forensic tools. As a forensic analyst I like Belkasoft Evidence Center for its wide support of instant messaging clients and mobile phone artefacts including JTAG dumps.

I had a hard and tedious work waiting for me to analyze the data and use a lot of different tools. And even though we evidene recommend you consider taking our training so that you can take full advantage the sophisticated and deep diving tools within Evidence Center, if you need to start asap you can!

I had to examine several desktops and laptops in terms of the activity of their users on the Internet. I recently used Belkasoft for a computer intrusion case, and was able to discover many items of evidence that assisted me in revealing evidebce intruded intercepting the communication.

Evidence Center v. This tool can assist FTK in analyzing mobile and computer devices, device back ups and disk images, virtual machines and memory dumps. Belkasoft Evidence Center Ultimate 9. Learn more about the product, its features and capabilities.

Download Belkasoft Evidence Center Ultimate

I Have Been Hacked This article was inspired by an active discussion in one of the forensic listservs. I love working so efficient.

Can't find what you need? Our company has been using software products from Belkasoft since What's New in the Latest Version. It has been pleasant to watch this product develop in a way to comply with the needs actual at the time. It can even be used during incident response.

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