Abe lincoln must die

Season One - Episode 4: You navigate around the game world by moving the cursor to a spot on the screen and selecting that spot. There's no option to ask Sybil about carbon-dating?

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Spooky Waynex Jul 11 8: The Freelance Police are called out when the President of the U. Agent Superball will answer.

Sam & Max Episode 4: Abe Lincoln Must Die! Spoiler-Free Walkthrough

Hugh Bliss - Stays on the street doing a disappearing trick selling Prismatology books. If you aren't fast enough he will prevent you from taking it, so ask him to do another magic trick to repeat the process.

To proceed, translate the first statement as a request for a drink. Telltale Games Max for President. Soda Poppers - A trio of Child Stars from the 70s.

I'll be happy to say yes: Choose any of the options, they're all good for your goals 5. In this episode, Sam and Max are told that the President has begun acting strangely. Congratulations, you've foiled another nefarious scheme! After this Whizzer asks where the bathroom is.

Abe Lincoln Must Die! | Sam & Max Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Freelance Police, a project that was abandoned without any good reason. Bosco - Owner of Bosco's Inconvenience, paranoid of the government. You solve puzzles during the game by interacting in a somewhat logical way with the environment, dke with other characters and collecting items that are held in your inventory. Once outside, head back to the office.

Retrieved linccoln " http: I mean, it's just a horn You now have both of the signs needed later in the game. A call again from The Commissioner gives the duo a new and obvious mission: Views Read Edit View history. Seals Jul 14 9: It was first released exclusively through GameTap, and later on Windows and Steam.

If this game is fun,why should someone spoil it by hurrying to the ,incoln I've also exhausted all three topics with the cue cards, and I can't take the ribbon. The duo decides that the only way to stop Lincoln from winning the debate unopposed is to make one of them the next President of the U. Sybil doesn't let me take the advice please help. The President will assume Sam and Max are the interpreters he was waiting for. The President - Fake president controlled by Chuckles. In this mode you can control the car's position on the road by clicking.

They then head back to the War Lincol and launch a missile at Lincoln and Chuckles who has been on Lincoln's shoulder throughout Linclon regimedestroying Lincoln's body. Go into Bosco's Inconvenience Store.

Abe Lincoln Must Die!

Ask Lincoln about his toxic waste policy. When you get there, Agent Superball is still holding the line.

Now head back to the office. Rushmore, and decide to start a Civil War.

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