Well Saturday 6pm, no delivery. I will not receive the items until December 17th. I made several phone calls to Brookstone customer services. Other online purchases from other companies have posted changes without any trouble, price matched and more. I have been a faithful customer but am so disgusted that I will never walk in that store again. Really a bad service altogether.

I hate when online companies don’t work with the stores. That would have been a huge mistake. Some exceptions applied and I read them. I called Brookstone online six times. I contacted Brookstone and was told to call Apple. I explained what happened and had proof of how much I paid for the glasses that had broke and the new ones I had to purchase which are around the same price,

That’s why we’re back with a fresh look at some of the geekiest digital watches to drool over, such as a weather-forecasting timepiece and one that displays your family photos.

That night my daughter who is visually impaired tried to get out of bed, this is where she fell off and her glasses broke. The items are not marked and are few and far between. He flahs where I live. Really a bad service altogether.

And the bright, colorful patterns and solids wake up even the oldest hammock and add color a I don’t want to lose my money.

Page 2 Reviews 31 – I have two daughters and if any of those men made any comments like that to my daughters, the cops would have been in there. After that I called Brookstone to speak with a representative.

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The garbage men didn’t come. You can even share your locations, workouts, and courses with other Forerunner users. I was assured my order was cancelled. This stainless-steel bracelet watch features a cassette tape design with the hours and minutes on one side and the seconds on the other. Being completely honest with Brookstone, I called and spoke sportbajd 3 different customer service supervisors who all denied my claim. Since March ofI was under the impression that Brookstone either was going to replace the watches with similar product or give me credit.


So package comes, without me having to sign.

They have completely gone out of business in my area. We purchased an electronic football game online at Brookstone.

The Stupidest Technologies for Your Home. These headphones were a Christmas present to my daughter and by the time I figured out nothing was going to happen it was the week before Christmas. Last Day to Ship: They would not take the game back!

Brookstone Flash Sport (785776) Wrist Watch for Men’s size large band.Led Light

Brookstone’s policy is unfair! I proceeded with my order. From Oregon Scientific comes the Meteo Weather Forecast Watch, which tracks the weather up to 24 hours by measuring barometric pressure trends. Avoid, these people are hopeless. I am being totally inconvenienced due to their errors!!! The item already shipped as of yesterday. We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real.

I hate when online companies don’t work with the stores. I told the customer service representative to send me a prepaid shipping label and I would return the products without knowing the type of credit I will get.

It said on the website that they want us to be happy customers, that we can return an online item in the qatch. Christiana Mall in Wilmington, DE should learn how to care for their customers.

Why would they not allow me to return it for cash like any other store?

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She stated they had received a batch of the wrong colored headphones but shipped them anyway to all the various people hoping the consumers would just say ok these work.


The watch can display your photos for up to 8 hours on a single Flawh charge. At no point was anyone answering emails helpful or apologetic. Flash Sport Band Watch – by Brookstone. I am so sick of it already.

I waited over thirty minutes each time. They said they could not do any adjustment as the item was ordered outside of the time frame of the promotion. Simply connect the watch to your computer via USB and drag and drop your photos onto the watch. Dirik of Missoula, MT. Always misplacing your USB flash drive? I explained I didn’t refuse and explained what sportban. May 30, I ordered an item online just 2 days ago. Online Holiday Shipping Deadlines It was a gift and I had a receipt His excuses was that the parts need to be ordered and that I am not his only customer.

Then maybe what you need is an wwtch more portable way to make calls. I brought to her attention that the customer is always right, the fact bookstone the word disposable was soprtband listed anywhere on their website makes it fraudulent, the fact that the manufacturer claims you get at least 50, erasable usages and not one was available is also fraudulent, and the fact that I claimed my disinterest in continuing business with them, the supervisor had no interest in trying to satisfy me or rectifying the situation.

I had to get a return label which took a week.

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